March 22, 2022
My Credit Guy

Are you a mortgage loan officer, real estate agent, or lender of any kind? Does your client’s credit score factor into the decision of being able to move forward with the loan process? What happens when you have to turn them down due to their credit situation?

If any of these questions resonate with you, My Credit Guy and our credit restoration services can add tremendous value to your lending business.

My Credit Guy has a history of over-delivering when it comes to credit repair. In fact, if you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to work with a credit repair company that gets the job done right and quickly without cutting corners, look no further.

This “Intro for Referral Partners” video from Sam Parker, CEO of My Credit Guy, explains exactly what to expect when sending your credit turndowns over to us. We have also outlined our services below in more detail for your reference.

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How Can My Credit Guy Help You?

My Credit Guy is built to get your credit turndowns back to the closing table with you as fast as possible. It’s about delivering amazing results! The opportunity to add this level of value to your clients helps set you apart from other lenders they may have already visited with who didn’t have a solution for them.

Fortunately, with My Credit Guy in the mix as a valuable extension of your team, your clients will want to tell all their friends and family about how you helped them get the deal done. You get more business. Everybody wins.

With My Credit Guy, you can:

  • Close more loans — clients come back to the closing table eligible for the loan
  • Make more money — you have more clients because you offer this solution
  • Retain more borrowers — clients have long-term healthy credit.


  1. Identify clients: As a lender, it’s extremely easy for you to work with My Credit Guy. Really, all you need to do is identify situations where our services might help. Even that’s easy, though. Any single client that you turn down because of credit issues — whether they are two or 200 points away from approval — could benefit from our services.
  2. Send their file: Once you have identified a viable candidate, send us their file. You can e-mail this file to us or secure upload it on our website. We will get back to you usually within minutes, or at least in the same business day, to let you know if we can help, how we can help, and how long it might take.
  3. Introduce us: All you need to do is make the initial introduction between My Credit Guy and your client, and we’ll take care of the rest. Next thing you know, this client will be back at the closing table ready for approval.

My Credit Guy has been working with lenders and their clients for years. We have set our credit restoration firm apart because we offer great results in a short period of time.

Interested to see how we’ve helped our customers? Read My Credit Guy reviews here from actual clients who have experienced our services from start-to-finish.

How Can We Help Your Clients?

Unlike other credit restoration companies, we deliver quality results quickly. Our whole business model centers on providing clients with detailed plans for credit improvement and actually working with them to get there.

When your client works with My Credit Guy, we offer credit restoration services for NO upfront fee. After 30 days, clients pay a monthly price. But, the good thing about our speedy services is that most clients have improved their scores within three months. At My Credit Guy, we consider four-to-five months to be the longer end of the spectrum.

If your clients register with My Credit Guy, we offer all of these services at no initial cost:

  • Free credit review: We assess every aspect of your client’s credit history and create a detailed game plan for them to improve credit, including how long it will take and the action steps to take.
  • Detailed interviews: Instead of just doing blanket disputes (which just lead to damaging dispute verbiage all over a credit statement), we actually sit down and speak with your client in a detailed interview. Here, we get a sense of the client’s perspective and their financial history.
  • Settlement negotiations and pay-for-deletions: If debts are verified, we take action to reach settlement negotiations and pay-for-deletions for your client. This is where our expertise really comes into play, as we have worked for years in the credit restoration business.
  • Credit education and budgeting: There’s no sense in improving your client’s credit only to have them go and tarnish it again. This is where education and budgeting come into play. My Credit Guy truly believes that educated consumers can maintain healthy credit. Why put a band-aid over a wound when you can close it instead?
  • Credit card audits: We analyze every positive line of your client’s credit statement and audit credit cards. We look to make sure they have proper balance-to-limit ratios on their existing cards and that they have enough positive lines. If they don’t, we assist them to get positive trade lines.
    Make sure file is loan-ready: If you have any specifications for your loan, let us know. We can ensure that your client’s credit file is picture-perfect to fit your lending specifications. This way, it’ll be smooth sailing when they come back to the closing table

Is there anyone within the last 60 days you had to turn away due to their credit situation? Secure upload their file for a free review. One of our expert team members will get back to you within 24 hours with a detailed game plan of how we will get them back to the closing table with you and in what amount of time.

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