My Credit Guy is a full-service credit repair agency helping clients across the United States qualify for mortgage, auto, and other types of financing. We address every aspect of the credit report in an effort to help our clients qualify for the best loan programs and interest rates possible. With several years of experience within the credit repair industry, our entire business model is built for speed to yield the greatest results. Meet our team today and see how our credit repair agency can help you and your clients!

Meet The Team

We are dedicated to our clients and wildly motivated by the success they have from choosing My Credit Guy to repair their credit scores. You will not find the one-on-one customer experience with any other credit repair company in the financial services industry. Our experience and successful track record speaks for itself. Learn more about our experienced and dedicated team below.

Sam Parker
Founder & CEO
(480) 999-2550 x3204
(319) 560-5999

With 14 years in the credit repair business, Sam has been a key player in bringing quality and integrity to such a fragmented industry. Sam’s vision for how to treat people right, do what you say you’re going to do, and add more value than any other credit repair agency has been a key formula for My Credit Guy’s success. It’s more than just increasing credit scores; it’s also about getting people educated. Often times you will see Sam on a stage or webinar reaching people coast-to-coast teaching important lessons on how to fix bad credit. Sam’s partner-in-crime is his wife, and co-founder, Tricia and he couldn’t get it done without her. At the end of the day, the most important thing in their world are their two beautiful daughters.

Tricia Parker
Founder & COO
(480) 999-2550 x3203
(319) 830-7811

If you’ve ever wondered what it looks like inside a ticking watch or clock, that would be the equivalent of seeing everything that Tricia does for My Credit Guy on a daily basis. Her heart truly lies in seeing the success stories of all the clients that come through our credit repair agency. Tricia sets the tone for what quality should be and how clients should be treated. She is the consummate professional with a very unique ability to identify even the finest of details. She has several years of experience within the credit repair industry and understands it inside and out. What Tricia is even better at is being a wife to Sam and mom to their two amazing daughters.

Chris Fisher
Inside Sales Manager
(480) 999-2550 x3202
(319) 721-1151

Chris works with both clients and referral partners. His daily determination to deliver the best possible customer service and execute at the highest level are only a few of the traits that make him such a valuable asset to the team. He takes pride in providing sound education and solutions on everyday credit issues because he believes everyone deserves a second chance. When he’s not helping with credit restoration, Chris enjoys hunting, fishing, and playing slow pitch softball.

Andy Maclennan
Regional Business Development
(480) 999-2550
(319) 939-0616

Originally from Iowa, Andy now resides right in the Phoenix area with his wife. Andy spent several years as a real estate broker, and with that background, is able to provide all of his clients with sound credit advice so they can get approved for their loan.

Alfred Lara
Regional Business Development
(866) 726-7339
(714) 815-0303

Combining 15+ years of mortgage banking, private banking, and credit repair experience, Alfred is a business professional who prides himself on doing the right thing for his clients. He accomplishes his personal and clients’ goals without compromising his personal soul or business integrity. Alfred’s passion for what he does is rooted in his belief that bad things happen to good people and good people sometimes make bad decisions. Having made his fair share of bad decisions himself, he wants to share the benefit of his mistakes and successes as a consumer, Mortgage Planning Specialist, and Credit Repair Specialist to assist those who may have fallen victim to the recent economic crisis, and to help them fix bad credit and gain financial strength.

Michelle Bowman
Senior Office Administrator
(480) 999-2550 x3201

Michelle handles all of the behind-the-scenes details that go in to your My Credit Guy file. With over 20 years of sales support and customer service experience, each client file is handled with care, security, and professionalism. She is incredibly passionate about helping others and believes everyone deserves a second chance to reach their goals and dreams!

Jenny Redlinger
VP Operations
(866) 726-7339 x3210

Jenny hales from the great state of Iowa! She is married to her wonderful husband, Mark, and they have two beautiful girls! Her passion in life is to help and empower people. Jenny has been in the credit repair world for several years now. Prior to that, she had worked in the collections and insurance worlds. It never sat well with Jenny when she worked as a collector, so she wanted to pursue a career in which she was helping, not chasing others. Credit can be a scary thing when you don’t know much about it and how it all works. Jenny wants to change that for her clients while empowering them with the knowledge to fix bad credit scores and improve financial stability. Jenny’s excitement stems from seeing her clients get approved for a loan instead of the dreaded denial!

April Robbins
Lead Disputer
(866) 726-7339 x3209

April lives in the great state of Iowa with her husband and three children. She has worked at credit repair agencies for several years and enjoys analyzing credit reports and identifying errors that creditors have made. April enjoys a real sense of fulfillment in being part of the process that helps others reach their credit objectives, while seeing them move forward with a strong financial future!

Joslyn Truax
Account Manager

“My name is Joslyn Truax and I am the mother of two awesome kids, Reese 13 and Shayne 7. My husband, Jordan, and I have been happily married for 13 wonderful years. I love the ocean, fishing, and just spending time with my family. The best part about working at My Credit Guy is being able to help people achieve their dreams of home ownership, turning what some would think of as the impossible into the possible. I know that this credit repair agency and all who work here are doing everything they can to make that happen. Having the best coworkers and bosses is an just an extra added bonus of my job!”

Lucas Magarik

“Lucas is originally from New Jersey but spent the last several years in Western NY before moving to the Phoenix area with his family. As a former Marine, his attention to the small details can’t be rivaled. With over a decade spent in the Automotive Finance world, Lucas’s understanding of credit restoration is extensive. Whether it’s helping our Referral Partners or our clients, his vast amount of knowledge is sure to provide the proper guidance enabling more people to fix their credit and fulfill their dreams of home ownership!”