March 22, 2022
My Credit Guy

Facing the reality of bad credit can be really difficult. No matter what circumstances lead you to this position in the first place, dealing with the repercussions is no fun. You might feel overwhelmed, stressed, angry, or, at this point, even apathetic.

While credit recovery doesn’t happen overnight, the good news is that your credit will improve if you seek help — no matter how far down the rabbit hole you believe your credit might be.

Reasons For Credit Recovery

Having a better credit score will significantly improve your quality of life and save you thousands of dollars down the road. Conservative estimates indicate that low credit scores cost consumers around $6,000 a year — that’s $75,000 in a lifetime.

Just think for a moment what you could do with an extra six grand this year. When you improve your credit, you avoid the costs associated with bad credit, including:

  • Failure to qualify for loans — a low credit score disqualifies you from many common loan types, such as home mortgages and car loans.
  • High interest rates — if you do secure a loan, you pay extremely high interest rates. For long-term loans such as mortgages, this really adds up.
  • Steep insurance premiums — you even pay more for health and car insurance, as insurance companies see you as more of a risk.
  • Unemployment — employers now look at credit score as a part of their hiring process. This means that bad credit can even cost you a job. If your job position requires handling money or hold a company credit card, forget about it.

Working with My Credit Guy

While we know fixing bad credit might seem insurmountable now, we have years of experience helping consumers like you to improve their credit scores. You might not believe it, but in two-to-four months, you can be sitting back at the table across from a lender and securing a home loan of your dreams.

As Sam Parker, Founder and CEO of My Credit Guy, outlined in the video above, My Credit Guy has a four-step process to credit recovery for consumers.

When you work with My Credit Guy to improve your credit, we:

  • Analyze and clean up your credit report — after a detailed interview with you, we analyze your credit report line-by-line. We look for inaccurate reports, disagreements, and anything else we can remove or update.
  • Negotiate settlements and pay-for-deletions — if lines on your credit report come back 100 percent accurate, we create a game plan to help you prioritize which debts to pay off. We also work with credit agencies to negotiate settlements and clear up your credit report.
  • Credit education and budgeting — you know the age-old expression that it’s better to teach a man to fish than to give him fish? Well, this holds true with credit recovery. We teach the basics of credit scores, budgeting strategies, and long-term tips to maintain good credit.
  • Leverage positive credit — our final step involves looking at your positive credit history: what do you have going for you? We check to make sure you have good balance-to-limit ratios on your cards and establish new ones if you need them.

My Credit Guy Price

Unlike other credit restoration agencies, we do not charge any upfront fees. You don’t pay anything until your 30th day of service. This means that we provide a credit review, strategy, and credit analysis without charging a thing.

After 30 days of service, you pay a rate as an individual or a couple. At My Credit Guy, we work fast. Our typical turn-around time is between two-to-four months.

Not sold? Check out our customer reviews to see first-hand how we have helped consumers like you.

Save yourself thousands of dollars and stressful situations. Schedule a free review with My Credit Guy to see how we can improve your credit score today.


You might be wondering why credit recovery agencies even exist in the first place. Once you know you have low credit, isn’t it easy enough to pay off some bills and see improvement?

Unfortunately, the world of credit repair is complicated. For one, it’s not even as simple as it sounds to get your credit score in the first place! Three main credit bureaus determine your score, and working with each requires an in-depth understanding of credit and credit score compilation.

Plus, if you dispute credit card statements on your own, you might end up with “dispute verbiage.” When it comes time to secure a home loan, for example, you can be disqualified based on this dispute verbiage alone.

Signing up for a free credit review is free and non-obligatory. Contact My Credit Guy today with any questions or concerns as you start the process of credit recovery.


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