Understanding what the MOP rating system is and the ways in which it can severely impact a credit score can play a critical role in the value you offer your clients as a lender. Even if you aren’t a lender and you are reading this, knowing what you are looking at on your own personal credit report can be extremely valuable. Perhaps everything looks black and white on the surface, but when you begin to peel back the layers of the credit report, you can potentially spot several inaccurate ratings scattered throughout.

First and foremost, ‘MOP’ stands for ‘Method of Payment’ or ‘Manner of Payment’ depending on who you are talking to. It is a scale using a combination of letters and numbers. The letters are going to identify the type of account it is for each line item. Here are the four most common letters you will spot:
R – Revolving
I – Installment
O – Other
M – Mortgage

Each letter is paired with a number on a scale that ranges 0-9:
0 – Unrated
1 – Currently on time
2 – 30 not 60 days late
3 – 60 not 90 days late
4 – 90 not 120 days late
5 – 120+ days late
7 – Bankruptcy
8 – Repossession or Foreclosure
9 – Collection, P & L, or Charge-off

As long as there are 9 ratings attached to accounts, they are hurting scores as much as they ever could. For example, one common inaccuracy we run in to is for folks who have experienced a bankruptcy in their life. A bankruptcy should end up rating at a 7, but often times they are still stuck at a 9 for several months or years. While it is only a 2 point bump in the MOP rating index, it can dramatically impact where your score sits.

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