Where do you even begin when your credit needs to be fixed, but there are countless credit repair companies out there to choose from? Perhaps you have struggled with a foreclosure or gone through a bankruptcy. Maybe student loan payments have been missed or medical bills have piled up. Whatever the case may be that is hurting your credit, when you need items like that addressed, it’s crucial that it gets done right by an experienced team.

My Credit Guy separates itself from the rest in the industry by implementing a system designed for fast turnaround times and yielding the highest possible credit score increases. The entire program can be broken down in to three major steps:
1. Analyze and clean up credit report line-by-line
2. Leverage and maximize positive credit
3. Personalized credit recovery plan
The video breaks down steps 1-3 in much more specific detail and how each step applies to every person enrolled in My Credit Guy’s program.

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Have questions about your credit report and what your own personal strategy might look like? Every single person will receive a free review from one of the My Credit Guy expert team members. If you decide to enroll and get your credit fully restored, My Credit Guy charges NO UPFRONT FEES unlike many other credit repair companies out there. Contact us today for your non-obligatory, free review.