Are you a mortgage loan officer, real estate agent, or lender of any kind? Does your client’s credit score factor in to the decision in being able to move forward with the process? What happens when you have to turn them down due to their credit situation?

My Credit Guy has a history of underpromising and overdelivering when it comes to credit repair. In fact, if you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to work with a credit repair company that gets the job done right without cutting corners and gets the job done fast, look no further. This ‘Intro for Referral Partners’ video explains exactly what to expect when sending your credit turndowns over to My Credit Guy.

My Credit Guy is built to get your credit turndowns back to the closing table with you as fast as possible. It’s about delivering amazing results! The opportunity to add this level of value to your clients helps set you apart from other lenders they may have already visited with who didn’t have a solution for them. Fortunately, with My Credit Guy in the mix as a valuable extension of your team, they’ll want to tell all their friends and family about how you helped them get the deal done. Everybody wins.

See what some of our top producing referral partners are saying about us here. If you’d like to hear from actual clients who have experienced our services start-to-finish, check out what they had to say here.

Is there anyone within the last 60 days you had to turn away due to their credit situation? Secure upload their file here for a free review and one of our expert team members will get back to you within 24 hours with a detailed game plan of how we will get them back to the closing table with you and in what amount of time. Have additional questions first? Contact us today!