One of the hottest topics we get questions on every single day is on the subject of credit cards. Should you cut up all your credit cards and run as far away from them as possible? Should you have one credit card or 29 credit cards? Is it ok to have a credit card and never charge anything on it?

Today’s quick video focuses on how a credit card can help or hurt your credit score.

The truth of the matter is that there are certainly ways for you to be strategic in using your credit cards to maximize your credit score. Your credit utilization and how you actively approach your positive revolving credit lines every day is a signifcant determining factor in your credit profile.

This video will, very quickly, help you understand some of the sound strategies you can implement in how you approach your own credit card activity. As a result of this, your credit score will start to see a positive impact over time. When you get to the point that your credit needs to be pulled for a loan you are attempting to qualify for, these sound credit card fundamentals will be a part of why you get a big fat stamp of approval instead of the infamous stamp of denied.

Are there concerns about your credit score as it currently stands? Perhaps there are items on your credit report that clearly shouldn’t be there and are invalid? If you’d like to receive a non-obligatory, free review from one of our My Credit Guy expert team members, simply contact us and we’ll let you know exactly what we see and provide some strategic options moving forward.