1. How To Increase Credit Scores Quickly

    At My Credit Guy, one of the questions we get most frequently is how to increase a credit score quickly. Many of our clients need to improve their credit score to qualify for a home mortgage, auto, or other financial loan. With a poor credit score, this can prove to be very difficult. Luckily, there…Read More

  2. Why You Can’t Have Dispute Verbiage On the Credit Report

      As a credit repair agency, one of the hot topics we deal with on a regular basis is the effect of dispute verbiage on a credit report. As a consumer, you could very well have a strong 680 or 720 credit score, but still be denied for a loan because of dispute verbiage. What is dispute verbiage? As…Read More

  3. The My Credit Guy Difference

    When you have reached the point where you wonder how to fix your credit, the solution can be overwhelming. Not only do you have to reconcile your past financial decisions, but you also have to choose between a number of different credit recovery agencies. You don’t necessarily have a background wh…Read More


    Are you a mortgage loan officer, real estate agent, or lender of any kind? Does your client’s credit score factor into the decision of being able to move forward with the loan process? What happens when you have to turn them down due to their credit situation? If any of these questions resonate wi…Read More