My Credit Guy is a full-service credit restoration company. We work with clients and referral partners from across the United States and pride ourselves on delivering the greatest all-around service. Our key objectives are to operate with the highest level of integrity, exceed all credit repair expectations, and thoroughly educate our clients while preparing them for a prosperous future. In fact, our entire business model is designed to get our clients back to the closing table with their lender with significant results as fast as possible.

Step 1

Email your client and request permission to have their credit reviewed (documented permission preferred).

Step 2

Send us the credit report one of two ways:
1. and cc the direct My Credit Guy representative you are working with.
2. Upload using the “Client File Submission” button on the homepage.

Step 3

My Credit Guy will conduct a free review and will notify you of the detailed game plan it is going to take for the client to get back to the closing table as quickly as possible.

Step 4

My Credit Guy will call the client directly, give them a free consultation, enroll them in the program, and begin work on their file.

Step 5

After confirming the client is enrolled, you will receive scheduled progress updates from the My Credit Guy team. In addition, you can track your client’s progress at any time through your own personalized portal.

Step 6

Our favorite part! My Credit Guy will notify you when the time is right to pull credit and close the deal!


By sending your turndowns to My Credit Guy, you will…

• Close More Loans
• Retain More Borrowers
• Add More Value
• Make More Money

Create a whole new pipeline working with My Credit Guy…

• Unlimited FREE Reviews
• No Upfront Fees
• Add Positive Tradelines
• Update and Remove Inaccurate Items
• Remove Dispute Verbiage
• Satisfy Lender Overlays
• Credit and Financial Education
• Fast Turnaround Times