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Is It A Good Idea To Co-Sign?

Today we're going to address an issue that is plaguing our country.  This issue is on the topic of co-signing.  Is it a good idea and smart decision to co-sign for someone else who is applying for a loan?  Have you ever asked anyone else to co-sign for you?  

This can affect anyone old or young, rich or poor, etc.  Co-signing is simply someone who puts their name on the[...]

Why You Can't Have Dispute Verbiage on the Credit Report

In the world of credit repair, one of the hot topics we deal with on a regular basis is the impact of dispute verbiage on a credit report.  As a consumer, you could very well have a 680 or 720 credit score, but still be denied for a loan.  Many loan programs out there will not allow you to move forward with the loan until the dispute remarks are removed from that credit report.

So how[...]

How A Divorce Impacts Your Credit

An all-too-common story we hear from clients across the United States is how a divorce absolutely ruined their credit or the credit of someone they know.  Most folks wouldn't anticipate something like this happening as an outcome of the divorce because it is simply unfamiliar territory to them.  They are learning as they go through the process along the way.  One can't assume[...]

Understanding The MOP Rating System

Understanding what the MOP rating system is and the ways in which it can severely impact a credit score can play a critical role in the value you offer your clients as a lender.  Even if you aren't a lender and you are reading this, knowing what you are looking at on your own personal credit report can be extremely valuable.  Perhaps everything looks black and white on the surface, but[...]

Why Paying Collections Can Hurt Your Credit Score

In a previous blog post, we outlined some key things to NOT do to avoid negatively impacting your credit.  One of those important activities to avoid was to be sure you don't jump the gun and start paying off any/all collections on your credit report without a strategic game plan in place.  It's very important to understand the rules of the credit algorithm 'game' if you're going to get[...]

Your Credit | Hard Pull vs. Soft Pull

When it comes to credit, My Credit Guy hears questions every single day from folks all across the country.  One of the most frequent questions we hear is, "what is the difference between a hard credit pull and a soft credit pull?"  That is a great question to ask and very important topic to understand.

A soft credit pull will not have any impact on your credit score and this typically[...]

The My Credit Guy Difference

Where do you even begin when your credit needs to be fixed, but there are countless credit repair companies out there to choose from?  Perhaps you have struggled with a foreclosure or gone through a bankruptcy.  Maybe student loan payments have been missed or medical bills have piled up.  Whatever the case may be that is hurting your credit, when you need items like that addressed,[...]

My Credit Guy Intro for Consumers

Need credit help?  Searching for the right credit repair company to help increase your scores?  Whether you are trying to get a better job, applying for a home loan, or even attempting to secure better interest rates, My Credit Guy is designed to take credit scores to the next level and fully restore credit profiles.

Many who are facing credit challenges are angry, confused, upset, or[...]

Credit Tips - What NOT To Do

So you're trying to get qualified for a home loan or financing of some kind.  Perhaps you've been doing all the things you've been told to do so you can help strengthen your credit score, but what about all the things you should NOT do - the things that will hurt your credit?  Sometimes knowing and understanding the don'ts in life can be just as important as knowing what you should be[...]

What You Need To Know About Co-Signing

Co-founder and CEO of My Credit Guy, Sam Parker, joined CW Iowa Live last week to discuss some key tips you want to know when it comes to your credit score.

Is it a good idea to co-sign for someone you know who is applying for a loan?  Should you ask for co-signers on a loan you are applying for?  What options do you have and what helps put you in the best position long-term?

For those[...]

How To Properly Use Your Credit Cards

One of the hottest topics we get questions on every single day is on the subject of credit cards.  Should you cut up all your credit cards and run as far away from them as possible?  Should you have one credit card or 29 credit cards?  Is it ok to have a credit card and never charge anything on it?  

Today's quick video focuses on how a credit card can help or hurt your credit[...]

True Credit Repair | My Credit Guy

There is "credit repair"... and then there is real, actual credit repair. My Credit Guy performs the latter.

To all the mortgage lenders out there, we need to have a quick discussion about how real credit repair services differ from tools such as rapid rescores and what-if simulators; in other words, when you handle stuff 'internally.'  There is an absolute night and day difference.

There are[...]

How Late Payments Impact Your Credit Score

Your credit score gets impacted in so many different ways (positively and negatively), sometimes it's hard to keep straight just how much one thing can actually disrupt your score.  Usually, late payments to creditors occur because of something unexpected or unfortunate occurring in someone's life.  These circumtances add pressure and don't make it any easier to pay the bills; let alone[...]

My Credit Guy Intro for Referral Partners

Are you a mortgage loan officer, real estate agent, or lender of any kind?  Does your client's credit score factor in to the decision in being able to move forward with the process?  What happens when you have to turn them down due to their credit situation?

My Credit Guy has a history of underpromising and overdelivering when it comes to credit repair.  In fact, if you've ever[...]

3 Credit Pitfalls To Avoid

Founder and CEO of My Credit Guy, Sam Parker, joined Amber Lampe from Fidelity Bank on CW Iowa Live this past Friday morning.

During this segment, Sam dives right in to three important pitfalls to avoid that could cause your credit scores to drop.  Whether you have good credit, bad credit, or no credit, these takeaways can be invaluable to your long-term credit[...]

Dispute Verbiage

Dispute Verbiage!? As if you didn’t have enough to worry about with getting your credit scores in order, making sure you had the down payment taken care of, and getting all of your supporting docs prepared and signed NOW at the last minute you realize that you have an account or accounts with “Dispute Verbiage” on them. It doesn’t matter that mid score which started at a[...]

How to help your Kid build their credit

Parents often ask if there is a good way to help their children build their credit so that when they hit "the real world", they are in a good position in terms of credit. There are several things that a parent can do in order to give their kids a huge head

Mixing credit reports with a spouse

Many people think that when you get married or live with a significant other that your reports can get "mixed together". Many times, this confusion is caused by a "joint report" being pulled for financing. In reality, unless you co-sign on a debt together, you still have totally separate credit
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